Bek Yerby

Bek Yerby

SAP Recruitment Executive

I have worked in recruitment for 5+ years across two separate sectors. I was part of a start-up business in the construction recruitment sector before Joining Linksap Europe in October 2022. I have a deep understanding of the recruitment industry and hold a Recruitment & Business Qualification following a successful Apprenticeship in 2019. My time at Linksap so far has taught me a lot and I look forward to developing my skills and SAP knowledge even more in the years to come.

Interests: Outside of work I enjoy playing and watching both Football and tennis as well as spending time in the gym. I also like to challenge myself by working on different business ideas with friends and family in my spare time. I enjoy travelling abroad 3 - 4 times per year with family and I hope my time at Linksap will allow me to travel more to meet new SAP customers around the world.

Aim: My aim is to be successful and develop my skills in sales and business.

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