Think SAP? Linksap!

Linksap is a young and dynamic company focused on SAP, formed with a simple goal in mind - to always make our clients’ and candidates’ recruiting experience an easy and efficient one.

With over 150 years combined SAP-specific experience within our senior team, staffing major SAP projects globally, we have qualified expertise to understand your SAP contract and permanent requirements and to provide a tailor-made solution to your needs. Ultimately, we speak your language and we like to keep things simple. We have an incredible network of highly-qualified SAP candidates, across all SAP modular and industry backgrounds, located in 42 different countries with local language skills.

We’re not here to waste your time, so we start by keeping our message short and sweet, right here on this website. You’ve read the lengthy presentations where repetition is prevalent, and clicked through links (and links) on websites repeating essentially the same message in different words - so why not cut through all the noise out there, save time and see words in action with Linksap, the real SAP experts.

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