Charlotte Eldred

Charlotte Eldred

Senior SAP Recruitment Executive

My recruitment career is still very young, having started at Linksap in April ’21. With my eagerness, commitment, passion and composure, I am confident this is only the start of something special. I adapt to my customers needs and ensure every request is serviced with the best of my ability. I have been welcomed into the Linksap family with open arms and have received support in every way possible. I am excited to continue my career in SAP Recruitment with Linksap and progress further with the fantastic team I have around me.

Interests: I have always had a passion and love for football since a very young age. I Have played for Watford since the age of 16, which helped me build my competitive streak. Alongside my physical interest, I also have a passion for cleaning and think life is better when you have clean surroundings!

Aims: My main aim is to keep everyone happy, always turning a frown upside down. I feel the atmosphere in a place of work can have a strong impact on your own day, I strive to be successful and work my way to the very top here at Linksap Europe

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